Hello! My name is Ms. Borges. While I serve as the 7th grade homeroom teacher, I also teach middle school Science and PE. In addition, I am also the coach for our sports teams here at Passport Charter.

You are now on my school web page where I outline some of the basics regarding my classroom and resources as they relate to each middle school grade level and specific subject. Here you will also find information regarding our sports teams and season schedules!

If you are interested in more specific information regarding the classes (announcements, daily assignments, due dates, etc.), please join the appropriate Google Classroom!

Google Classroom is a virtual access to my school classroom. It is available on the computer, or on the phone with the app. It can also be used with any Gmail account. All you need to do is click “+” and enter the assigned code. Then, you can see all you need that is up-to-date with what the students are currently learning!