Hello! The following messages only applies to students that will NOT attend summer school.

As we are coming to the end of this school year we would like to guide you through the return of Chromebooks, chargers and hot spots. On Thursday May 28th and Friday May 29th Chromebooks, chargers and hot spots are required to return. Please ensure that all Chromebooks’ batteries are charged. The items can be dropped off during the following blocks: 9:00am-11:am & 12:00pm-2:30pm. During this time we will corroborate item numbers on contracts and computers will be inspected. Remain in your cars at all times and practice social distance.

Hola! El siguiente mensaje solo aplica a los estudiantes que no asistirán a semestre de verano.

Mientras nos acercamos al final de este año escolar queremos guiarlos a como han de devolver las computadoras. El jueves 28 de mayo y viernes 29 de mayo las computadoras, cargadores y los puntos de acceso al internet han de ser devueltos. Favor asegurar que todas las computadoras tengan la batería con carga. Comenzaremos a las 9:00am hasta las 11:00am y luego retomamos a las 12:00pm hasta las 2:30pm. Durante este tiempo habrá que corroborar los números de series en los contratos e inspeccionar las computadoras. Recuerde mantenerse en el vehículo y practicar distancia social.

A message from Dr. Garcia

Hello everyone,

I wanted to address some questions which have come up about our Drive Through Graduation/Award Ceremony.

1. Regarding Caps and Gowns – to date about half of our parents ordered caps and gowns which means there are not enough funds to order caps and gowns for each student in Kg, 5th and 8th grades.

Since no one will be getting out of their vehicles, the combination of cap and gown will not serve its intended purpose.  In place of full cap and gown Passport will order caps for Kindergarten, 5th grade and 8th grade students and cover for the cost.  We will be glad to reimburse those who paid for their gowns.

2. Our drive through Graduation will allow you to drive around our driveway to get your certificates/diploma, be cheered by our staff and get a chance to see a special video we have prepared for you.  We will also have a DJ play some music as you drive around our campus.  Certificates will be given at the end of the drive through in front of the front office.

After reviewing all possible ways to celebrate the success of our students, we concluded this was the best possible scenario to create a celebration and limit virus exposure for our students, parents and staff.


Dr. Osvaldo Garcia


Communicating with Your Teachers

Attention Parents and Students!
As we move to online learning, our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible to you. Teachers will continue to use Google Classroom and their emails daily. Teachers will respond to any communication as soon as possible, between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Outside of the school hours, please allow teachers 24 hours to provide a detailed response.
During these next few weeks, students should be prepared to have live video discussions on Zoom and/or phone conference with teachers using their Google Voice numbers. The middle school team will provide a weekly schedule.
Zoom requires an app for the phone, or web access on the computer. Teachers will post the Meeting ID and password for any students who wish to virtually attend class. Students will need to reference Google Classroom for this information. No app or computer is needed for Google Voice. It is simply a phone number that allows you to text and call your teachers.

Below, you will find the phone numbers to reach the teachers via Google Voice. If you prefer to phone conference with the teacher, please send an email or text in advance to set up an appointment.
Ms. Scheu – 321.578.9382
Ms. Borges – 321.252.4801
Ms. Borek – 321.323.9899

To access Zoom, please download the app or use the link below.